Installing Gulp on Windows

Gulp is a fantastic tool for build automation, and it’s super-easy to get going on Windows but for posterity’s sake…here’s a quick run-down

Install Node.js

Simply go to Node.js, and tap for the latest stable release. Follow the steps, but be sure to select “Add to PATH” during “Custom Setup”

Node.js Install Options

Install gulp

Open up a command prompt (I use cmder, but cmd will work just as well for this) and type npm -v, all being well a version number will appear, as shown below.

Node.js Version Check

Now type npm install gulp -g. npm now goes off and installs gulp, the -g switch is to install is globally. This is important as you’ll want to use gulp in all your projects (trust me!), you may get a few warnings but it should install correctly. A quick call to gulp -v should verify you’re up and running as it will bring back a version number for you.

Gulp Installed

Get going!

You’re ready now do start using gulp. Go here if you want to start using gulp in your SharePoint projects