Modern SharePoint Development Checklist

Lots of annoucements at the #FutureofSharePoint event on May 4th, here are my important takeaways for a developer…

  1. Embrace open source & read a getting stared on gulp for Windows, right here
  2. Go check out Office UI Fabric and learn what these building blocks are all about. Modern pages, and the new SharePoint UI are all built on Fabric, so at the very least - using the Fabric Grid is important to ensure your components work well
  3. Learn TypeScript - start here and get playing with TypeScript. It’s super important for developers now.
  4. Don’t ditch your choice of Framework Microsoft have built modern pages and NextGen Portals using React. Get to know it, but don’t jump ship! AngularJS & Knockout both work on-top of modern pages. Microsoft aren’t forcing you to use React, which is a sensible move - otherwise there would be a whole host of worried ISVs facing the prospect of ditching their old code and rewriting on React. That said, you’ll get a lot ‘for free’ by using React such as a pre-loaded library and potentially in the future, Fabric React components.
  5. SharePoint Add-Ins aren’t dead! Client Side Applications and WebParts simply compliment them.
  6. Using masterpages? It’s time for a shift in thinking. Masterpages and things like script injection are not supported by the client-side model so when the time comes and tenants start being pushed over towards the new world - all your customisations will no longer work.
  7. Don’t hack about with the DOM outside of your client side webpart or application. Microsoft reserve the right to change this, and I suspect they will at quite a rate over the coming months

If you think I’ve missed anything….hit me up in the comments :)